Alejandro Ramos Alvelo  
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I was born 31st of march 1963 in La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Having studied there between 1984 and 1990 I successfully passed my academic studies at the University in the faculty “Urbanization and Architecture”. On 29th of October 1991 my title became officially accepted in Spain, so I started my career in Granada, being registered at the Chamber of Architects since 8th of July 1992. Since then I have been designing and executing several projects like family and apartment houses, industrial and business buildings as well as rehabilitation projects, including interior design projects.

Since more than 25 years I am ambitiously working in my profession, always aiming for fulfilling my customers wishes at its best. My clients play the leading role within this wonderful and emotional progress of designing a new space, in which you will probably spend a mayor part of lifetime in.

Katrin Falck-Szenessy


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I was born in 1973 close to Hamburg in Northern Germany. At the University of Building Arts I successfully passed my academic studies in Architecture, where I had been specialized in building efficiency and low energy consuming houses. In 2001 I started working as an architect for the company Shell Solar, where some of my key tasks were developing building integrated solar panel systems for roofs and facades as well as trainings for other architects, craftsmen and partners about solar architecture. In 2006 I finally moved to Spain with my family. I attended several trainings about the topics “passive houses” and “airtightness” and I obtained the official title “Passive House Designer”, dedicating my time to zero energy buildings, passive houses and the usage of renewable energies in Andalusia.
In 2015 we finished the first officially certified passive house building at the Costa del Sol, the villa “Sol y Viento” in Mijas, just 20 minutes away from Málaga. You are very welcome to visit the villa “Sol y Viento”, please get in contact with us.

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